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Posted by on Jan 31, 2018 in trending news | 0 comments

You will see more local news on Facebook News Feed

You will see more local news on Facebook News Feed

Mark Zukcerberg announces that with the new update on Facebook, users will see more local news in the News Source. In addition to explaining Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has also announced that it is allowing users to prioritize news and news feeds from blogosphere posts.

Local news on facebook news feeds

Previously, when the algorithm dragged users into misleading reports, Russia’s manipulation of the 2016 US presidential elections made the company a    focal point for the crisis. With the change of this new algorithm that Facebook reveals, it may be trying to prevent the recurrence of such a crisis and regain the trust of users.

Starting today, we'll show you more news from local news sources in your local county or city. If you are following a local publisher, or if someone is sharing a local story, this content may be higher in the News Feed. We will launch this application first in the US and our target is to spread to more countries this year.

According to Facebook’s description, if a news link is clicked by users in a narrow geographical area, Facebook considers the news publisher to be a local publisher.

Local publications that have been competing with major news publishers on the Google and Facebook platforms in recent years have suffered quite a bit due to the decline in the number of readers and the rising advertising budgets. Perhaps this change in algorithm affects brands negatively, but it is a hope for local exporters.

After all, Mark Zuckerberg has given the secret of more views to publishers over the past few weeks. Explaining that high quality, reliable and informative content can be seen in more News Feeds, Zuckerberg aims to recover both the interaction it has lost in the social network and the trust of its users.

Facebook is not the only technology company that supports local publishing. Google has begun to support citizen journalism by opening a local news service Bulletin application to users in two US territories last week .

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