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Posted by on Feb 4, 2018 in trending news | 0 comments

While the ICO of the telegram is approaching,

While the ICO of the telegram is approaching,

Messaging application Telegram ‘s the ICO to be held in the coming months through $ 1.2 billion to a new report by targeted to reach $ 2 billion. The sale of the ring was confirmed by several sources, including TechCruch, before March. But that does not mean that their counterfeit sites will not benefit from the incredible Telegram ICO.

The rumors of Telegram Open Network (TON) and Telegram ICO projects have surfaced in the past month . ICO’s technical details and investor’s prospectuses were leaked in English and Russian internets. Telegram implementation is already the actual communication tool of the crypto ecosystem, which provides a natural space for creating their own block chain and tokens.

When ICO plans to use an application that is used extensively in the crypto world, such as telegram, and White Paper leaked the internete, there is not much left to do for fraudulent sites.

telegram ico open network (TON) is the most known and leading website. Even though it was closed on Wednesday, the developer team, including the White Paper, had resumes on the site and collected more than $ 5 million.

Site through Facebook to open after you quit hosting the site where the bar was afraid to comment on the matter namecheap company. The rest; The pages of, and are either turned off or turned to a special page. Another fraudulent site is Gramtoken.Tech is closed but some Facebook pages are active on their behalf.

Telecom CEO Pavel Durov, who reached TechCruch via e-mail, stated that the site was not in any relation with them. In the weeks before Telegram’s TON project was released, Durov investors warned only to rely on information from legitimate Telegram accounts. Other than responding to a question on Twitter, he did not comment until today.

ICOs are still very risky investments, everyone in the crypto world now knows it well. The investor has to do good research, Does the company actually go to the token market or is it a dishonesty, sometimes the difference is not clear. Even if a real ICO is being edited, ping sites are trying to get to the top of the search for possibilities with Google ads.

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