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Posted by on Feb 6, 2018 in trending news | 0 comments

Google will roll out Chrome’s ad blocker next year

Google will roll out Chrome’s ad blocker next year

The ad blocking software is now an undeniable fact of the internet, and Google has noticed that this change will not remain silent in April . New informationcomes to light when Google can use Chrome ‘s ad blocker and how it works.

According to the Wall Street Journal , Google develops a built-in ad blocker that prevents bad ads from offering bad experience to users for Chrome. This plug-in will be activated when Chrome is launched on the browser’s desktop and mobile apps, and will begin to block ads by receiving feedback from users. Google Chrome will try to block with auto-playing audio videos, ads that block access to content, and improperly opened windows.


Google introduce world's best ad blocker feature in google chrome

While this new feature of Chrome is expected to be rolled out in 2018, it’s not even in my mind whether Google will make a move with other ad blockers. That’s because 88 percent of Google’s, or Alphabet ‘s, revenue is based on digital advertising revenue. Therefore, the decline in advertising on the internet has become a phenomenon that affects both Google and publishers.

Google is already in contact with publishers and is a member of a coalition ( Better Ads ) that aims to deliver better ads . Let’s just say that this is not just Google, Facebook, and a variety of publishers, and we’ll keep on waiting for Chrome to have that vertical.

Finally kpcb’n’s Internet Trends 2017 report  by  pagefa is ‘published in the 2017 Report Ad-block ‘ from  several graphic paylaþalým on the subject. Turkey’s IAB ad blocking software of 2015 to 21.8 billion dollars lost that is a statistic that offers recalled.

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