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Posted by on Jan 31, 2018 in trending news | 0 comments

Customs exemption for e-commerce drops from 30 euro to 22 euro

Customs exemption for e-commerce drops from 30 euro to 22 euro

The customs exemption applied to imported products from foreign e-commerce sites has been reduced to approximately 1 year 30 euros. According to the information obtained from the officials of the Ministry of Customs and Trade today  , e-commerce, which is 30 euros , reduced the customs exemption to 22 euros .

The customs exemption rate for products ordered in search of foreign e-commerce sites reduced by 75 euros to 30 euros in December of 2016 has been a source of frustration for many shoppers from abroad. According to information obtained from officials of the Customs and Commerce Ministry , the decision to reduce the exemption to 22 euros was presented to the Council of Ministers for signature.

custom exceptions

The customs exemption, which is quite high in the past, is reduced to 22 euros in about a year and  is applied in the European Union countries as 22 euro in general. Let’s also note that users who shop with the 30-euro limit will have a 15-day transition period to avoid being victimized .

Finally, the orders from abroad via cargo and mail sent to Turkey and rapid scientific and educational books are not here to make applicable tax rate of the 150 euro also add that removed.

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