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Posted by on Feb 7, 2018 in Digital Seo | 0 comments

Cloudflare – Help In Supercharge your website and gives Real time website data Security!

Cloudflare – Help In Supercharge your website and gives Real time website data Security!

CloudFlare, inc is created in Usa. Cloudflare says, we provide next
generation cdn, real time data protection with strict full ssl,
distributing domain name service. Also the most important DDos
protection service they are giving to their customers. The Cloudflare
Ceo matthew prince said that our headquater is based in sanfrancisco,
California, United States. Cloudflare is Online since 2009.

next generation cdn is cloudflare for online websites

When you will visit a website which is protected by cloudflare. You
will see the captcha. This is becasue your ip is blacklisted in their
Source database. Also if you will change your ip address or use any
vpn but don’t clear cookies. Then the problem will be same. Captcha
will appear again.

Basically cloudflare is free for individual website owners. Because
they don’t face serious attacks from hackers etc. But if you wanna go
to their premium services the their retail price is 200$ per month.
and they will provide you Advance DDos attack protection service,
daily base crawling.

Also they owned railgun Services. So definitely you will got railgun services to improve your website speed. if you are an enterprise then the package cost will be 5000$ per month and is geared towards large companies.

Ray ID is a header which is added by cloudflare to your website for
tracing purpose. Ray ID is very important, Because if you will face
connectivity issues between your website and cloudflare then ray id
will help to find out or troubleshoot the problem.

Cloudflare is an online protection and load balancing service. which
accelerates a website online. if your website will go to be apart of
cloudflare network then they will optimize your website to attach with
their chain server network.

When your website visitor will visit your site, Cloudflare will calculate the shortest route and show the web pages to the visitor fast based on visitor country. Cloudflare also check your website performance from errors, caching etc.

DDos stand for distributed denial of service. when a person want to
launch a DDos attack. He or she need compromised pcs which are his or
her slaves already due to some stealer softwares like cybergate etc.
Afterwards he will command to all compromised PCs to attack at once to the target machine.

Now the best part, if target machine has low capacity of hardware then this machine will go hang/shutdown instantly without any warning. But if, there will be high capacity of hardware on target Wordstations then it will take time to down target machine. i hope that the answer of question.

First its a social question. Its not related to technology or nature
of any method online. usually people launch DDos attach to down
companies servers, Website. And in exchange they want money or other
useful information. It is simple!

Suppose your website is part of cloudflare network and you got DDos
attack from unkown source. First cloudflare migrate this attack to
their high capacity protected servers. And discard this attack
instantly. Cloudflare also learn attack nature and building up their
dictionary since 2009.

Railgun gives 40% speed to non cache website pages. this is cloudflare
optimization technology that deliver speed very efficiently. this
technology is like a tunnel.

In which your website traffic is going through between website server and Cloudflare server. if you got business plan of Cloudflare then tunnel will be more secure and efficient.

Cloudflare is CDN. CDN stand for content delivery network. Cloudflare
is secure. Yeah sure!

Cloudflare is online (CDN) Network . it does not provide hosting for

SSL means secure socket layer. Its a link which encrypt data from
website server and browser. By using ssl, you can avoid man in middle
attack because its secure and encrypted connection by ssl. its also
called TLS. Transport layer security!

Be everywhere all the time. Essentially what setting up a CSM will do,
is put your website into the cloud.

Firstly, because it will help fight off the bad guys might be able to
hack your network. They will have a lot harder time hacking

Cloudflare account setting tutorial

Secondly putting your website in the cloud will help in one basket
because cloudflare has servers set up all around the world. It allows
for the information to travel less distance, making them more easily
accessible to the international market.

How fast and secure cloudflare will work with customer's websites

So sign up and follow the instructions. Now if you follow the steps,
you should have your new server names. Go to wherever you purchase
your domain. Go Daddy or Namecheap look under the name server and 

plug-in the ones that cloud flare gave you.This process of getting to the cloud might take a few days, but your website will run smoothly through as guaranteed by Cloudflare.

cloudflare best and easy signup tutorial to attach a website with cloudflare

For one last time Go to and check out your site speed
score. Take a snapshot and share with the class using #final site
speed right in the description.

How much faster your site is running now than before As for this section, you are done. You now have your website set up to when the search engine rank.

I am big fan of Cloudflare. but sad if you did not feel that way. so Its pretty easy to do this. You just need to change the nameservers of cloudflare from your hosting account and you are done.


You have done this by getting your SEO score using getting
setup with three analytics software and lastly wrapping up your
website speed with the use of plug-ins in the next article will be
talking about keyword research.

Here you will learn about five methods used by SEO Professionals to collect the best keywords for their websites but for now. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next Article.

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