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Posted by on Feb 22, 2018 in tips & tricks | 0 comments

How to become a programmer yourself – Tuthowto

How to become a programmer yourself – Tuthowto

To master the profession of a programmer from scratch, you need to answer yourself to a series of questions and then draw up a training plan. Learn more about how to become a programmer yourself.

Learn best and easy ways to learn programming for beginners
  • How to learn to program faster? Start by studying PHP. 
  • This language is not suitable for creating applications, only for web development. But the experts who studied it are most in demand, because it is based on the most popular site management systems. An excellent textbook on this topic was written by Lynn Bailey and Michael Morrison. After learning PHP, master the work with WordPress – this is the most popular system in the world. Now you will have a large number of suggestions for working as a programmer.
  • To understand the algorithm for creating online games, use Scratch. Thanks to this training server (it was created for children), master the algorithms.
  • Take advantage of available free training. The most useful is the Harvard CS50 course. To quickly write your first program or create an online game, study online projects Codecademy, and others.
  • Find free programming tutorials on GitHub.
  • To make learning easier, use the game training services. For example, CodinGame and Code Combat allow you to spend time with the game.
  • Join the community of programmers to find a mentor. The best example of such a site is Hack.pledge ().
  • The final stage of independent learning is to parse the code written by someone and try to improve it.

To learn to program, it’s enough to set yourself such a goal. There are many sources for information on self-study. Most of these sources are free.

The main thing is to set the right goal, break it into stages and gradually move forward. You will certainly learn. Good luck!

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