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Posted by on Feb 21, 2018 in Wordpress Tutorial | 0 comments

Autoptimize WordPress Plugin Setup and Best Settings

Autoptimize WordPress Plugin Setup and Best Settings

The Autoptimize WordPress plugin is used to optimize your CSS and JavaScript files contained within your site. You can get really good results by following simple steps.


If you can not compress your CSS and JavaScript files in the cache add-on you are using, or if it is not possible to reduce the file size, this plugin will give you really good results.

In this article we will give you some information on how to speed up your site by touching all the directions and points that need to be known.

How to speed up wordpress website load time

With the Autoptimize plugin, you can easily optimize your site. It compresses the script files and style files that your site needs within the framework of certain rules. CSS, Javascript and HTML files can be compressed, reduced and included in a file.

Like the other cache add-ons, newly created files are added under separate folders and cached pages are added. On this page you can have pages that open faster.

The plugin will automatically install your WordPress site and after activation, your site will be optimized within the framework of the default settings.

To access the plugin’s interface   , you must follow the Settings >  Autoptimize link in your WordPress admin area  . The plugin is hosting 2 different setting displays.

In general, there are two different editing areas to make the settings quick, simple and advanced settings. To get the best performance for your site, you should enable the display of advanced settings in the top right corner.

How to pick up best settings of wordpress plugin autoptimize

With advanced settings, you can detect and fix unwanted distortions while achieving the best performance from your site.

We recommend that you always take backup of your site before using this plug-in as it is with every plug-in. The settings will cause problems with your site displaying properly.

Now let’s take a look at the features offered by the step-by-step appendix and the advantages it offers to your site.

There are no areas in this area where you need to make extra special adjustments. If you want to show fields like “<! – Extension information->” in the source codes of your site, you can activate the option to touch HTML comments.

Setting html option for best result in boosting up site

Keep in mind that when you consider that HTML comments will increase the number of lines of code in your site, this option will have the advantage of being inactive. However, you might consider activating this feature to support the plugin writer.

JavaScript files are the most basic files that play a role in the functionality of our site. The plug-ins and themes use a lot of different JavaScript files at the same time, so the settings we’ll make in this section are extremely important

Doing javascript inline setting in autoptimize plugin for better results

If you are using too many customizations on your WordPress site, you should set the settings in this field by testing them on the hidden tab. Because each theme and plugin needs different JavaScript files.

You can have a lot of annotations on your site, such as a head-to-page button, contact form add-ons, and image display add-ins. Also, you should be aware that the different scripts that are included in your site will still be required for proper operation of your site.

You can check how many JavaScript files are in your site by showing the page source via your browser. All files with “.js” ending in your source code are required for proper operation of your site.

Get the JS codes in the background? The option will collect all the JavaScript files on your site in one file. The only file created with this option will make a big difference in the opening and loading times of your site. But you should know that your site may cause errors in the display.

You will need to use the portions of scripts that are excluded from Autoptimize, if you are experiencing problems on your site after the line aggregation. You can try each of the JavaScript files on your site to determine which files are incompatible with the merging process.

The generated JavaScript file is located on your site “footer. php “ie the theme is placed in the subdivision template. In this respect, please show the necessary attention to this setting section considering that your site will have a big increase in opening speed.

By activating the “try-catch” wrapping feature, you can request that the plugin automatically avoid errors caused by JavaScript files. But its not recommended because it can break your customize java script code or css.

The CSS settings section has the same functionality as the JavaScript settings. You can make the same settings as we did above.

How to minify css easily with autoptimize to speed up wordpress site

If you do not want to use fonts on Google on your site, you can opt out of Google fonts.

If you are experiencing slippage in the design of your site because of the CSS files you collect from it, you should now do the JavaScript exclusion we have specified above for CSS files now.

You do not need to make any other settings on this page. CSS inline generally has a negative impact on the performance of your site and we do not recommend it.

If you are using a content distribution service outside of CloudFlare in this domain, it is sufficient to write your site’s CDN address.

setting up CDN Netowrk to decrease wordpress website load time

Autoptimize allows you to open and load your site faster. Especially if you are not using a caching plugin that supports CSS, JavaScript and Html minification.

There are new option call extra in this plugin. But you leave that option as it is, if you are not advance user.

We would also like to thank Dimitri, who has made this writing possible. We have included many cache addons on our site. We would like to thank you again for having the opportunity to introduce a nice plug-in for those who want to use these features internally in many cache plugins.

One last words, which is if you are using W3 total cache . Its very good plugin to optimize your website. but when you will use Minify css or Javascript inline with this plugin. it will surely break your code .but with autoptimize?

It will never happens . Yeah may be your slide show can be affected but its reasonable price to get your whole site speed up. but there is very rare chances out there with this tool.

Do not hesitate to write to us what you want to add about the plugin and all the questions that you have in mind.

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