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1 Simple trick Give You 100 Dollars a Day Easy with twitter !

1 Simple trick Give You 100 Dollars a Day Easy with twitter !

I want to teach you how to make some real easy money by using twitter and by using click bank ok. it is a very simple process and at the very end, I am gonna show you a way that you can actually take the time out of it too. so you can make good money pretty easily without having to do any work by out sourcing it to somebody else.

how to get 100 dollar daily on twitter

In the first thing I want to do is go to the click bank marketplace and what I want you to find is good click bank products that people have an irrational sort of passion or reason to purchase them. So usually that means some kind of significant problem that people need to overcome.

earn from clickbank

you can think of something i am gonna give you a few. So one for example, will be shyness. shyness is something a problem with people have that a lot of people very passionately want to get rid of that problem and overcome it, another great one is smoking.

There’s a bunch of people that want to be able to quit smoking, would be talking about that later as well. Of course, there are life skills like learning languages, learning the piano which are always getting very, very popular and have a huge market for the right.

Now Once in the marketplace of click bank and I want you to find products like the ones that I just talked about so products, people have a very significant reason to wanna solve their problem ok. Now Once you find those and for some real look at is called shyness.

how to choose profitable click bank products

So just overcoming shyness you gonna find products that are going to compensate you by giving people the solutions to their problems, so this one for example, you make $50 per sale that you make and its guide on how to overcome shyness right.

how to generate affiliate link of click bank product

So what we gonna do now is, go into twitter and I have some pre done here but i am gonna go from scratch that you can see exactly what I’m doing here. you gonna log into twitter and the next thing, you gonna do is. we are going to be using the Twitter search bar. now we gonna come up to the top right here.

how to know what people want on twitter

In Twitter Search, what we want to do is we wanna look for keywords that people would be putting in their status if they wanted to overcome shyness, so some body who had a problem of shyness. First of all, there’s a good chance that some point they be mentioning shyness into their twitter status right. so we want to search for people twitter statuses. So we gonna start here by saying shyness and you wanna put quotations around it.

get to know what people want on twitter

When you put quotations around it. It means that your keyword is exactly work for were going to be shown in their status. now because it’s only one or keyword as can be showing either way, but in general this is the best practice to go with use quotations around the keyword that you want to use. the next thing you wanna to do is just click little space there and put – command okay, you wanna put the minus command and then you wanna put HTTP:// ok.

how to affectively search on twitter to get accurate results

so now the reason why were putting minus and in this HTTP:// is because what its gonna do is it gonna leave out any statuses that have a link in them. The reason we want to remove statuses that have a link in them, is because usually when people are marketing something they have a link which they are sending people off to right, but if they include the keyword and they don’t have a link then its more likely that this person is not actually selling anything.

They just either complaining or upset or venting about the problem that they have okay, so we gonna put shyness is a keyword and in the negative link command there to get rid of back links and we gonna scroll down page after submitting shyness keyword and now we are going to see people that are having issues with being too shy now so right away here. three from the very top. We have the first candidate here.


how to know what people want and give them solution on twitter

we have here a person which is saying. I really need to overcome my shyness. Now do you think that this is somebody that will benefit or would at least be interested in our product to overcome shyness right. Of course they went right.

now it gets even better than this because when you reply to this person. Not only does this person see that reply but all his followers can see that reply as well so you can actually get these replies in front of a good number of people. so what we gonna do now is, you just gonna take that click bank product that we had there. It’s right here.

how to find best selling product on click bank

So now we gonna click on the promote button of click bank product. and we get to promote is going to ask us for our account nickname. So just need to know your account nickname for click bank you don’t have that already signed up for an account, click bank is very easy, they give you an account nickname and use that into account nickname box, and then click on create button.

how to get affiliate product link of click bank

this is going to give you your back link right. now the thing your is that this back link is way too big and its way much ugly and it’s got a scare people away. So the first thing that you want to do is, you actually wanna to go to a link shortening service. A good link shortening service that is very common is called So You do a Google search for bitly. You gonna find the first results at the first page of google search.

how to search anything on google search engine

when you are on the main link shortening page. You just need to click on create a bitlink.

how to generate bitly shorten link

And paste in the long link of clickbank that you have there,and you just gonna click on create.

how to any link shorten with bitly

Once you’ve created. You just gonna copy that link that bitly generates so we gonna copy that link there. Now we have our link ok. So now we just have to go into twitter here.

how to get profitable tweets for products

And we need to reply to people that have problems with shyness and just send them reply and say okay well I hear you. I used to struggle with shyness myself. this guide really helped me out and then I have my bitlink. So now I put this short little status, that I’m going to reply to this person with.

She is gonna see this reply and her followers also would be able to see these replies as well. its a simple little tweet. Tweet should not to be really long they can be really short and obviously go through the whole twitter page down and find other people that are struggling with shyness.

People often mistake my shyness for rudeness okay. Or may or may not be interested in shyness, but you can still reply in the shot. my shyness has ruined so many opportunities for me again a great opportunity we have somebody here.

how to reply a person of his tweet

That has a problem that they desperately want a solution for and we can direct them to a solution that can help them and make affiliate commissions in the process. (Reply to that person) that sucks to hear that used to happen to me. Cheers. A program that turns my shyness around That I have my back link again tweet and we are done.

how to spread click bank affiliate on twitter effectivly

Now the beautiful thing here is that we don’t just need to stick to one keyword · if you found a good product that converts pretty well, and it’s going to basically solve people’s problems, they are looking a solution for. you can do it instead of sticking to just one keyword.

Now we can actually go on to twitter and instead of just going with shyness, which was our first keyword we already looked at. We can now do a keyword like stop being shy. Now we do stop being shy, we gonna find a whole new bulk of tweets from people with this keyword, so its gonna bring us a whole new fresh tweets that we can reply there. so we have this one here. Honestly, if I could just stop being shy for 20 minutes that would be great.

how to spread clickbank link on twitter and earn 100 dollar daily

So we can see again with the twitter status from somebody that really wants to solve the problem was shyness. Again, these are laser targeted people that are looking for a solution to their problem.


So again we could reply to this person and give them another message of why they should overcome shyness. Now one of the biggest mistakes that people make with this, is they just copy and paste the same tweet over and over again that us gonna lead up problems in the long run, it’s not a good idea. It really doesn’t take that long.


Once you get into the flow in the hang of this. You just create simple little unique sentences every time, you talk to new person.


You gonna sound a lot more real and feel a lot more genuine when you do that, and especially sometimes they have their name mentioned in their twitter handle, you can actually address them by their name, which means that they know that you’re talking to them personally and not just auto blessing this out to a bunch of different people right. 


Now There are other great examples of people that have significant problems that they wanna overcome shyness and introversion is just one of them. Another great example is quitting smoking. Quitting smoking is a serious problem that a lot of people have. If you quit smoking with that keyword command that I talked about earlier, which is quotations around a keyword and then minus http://.


you gonna find, a look at these tweets here, so try to quit smoking again today. I only had to wish me the mental power to stop.

how to contact on twitter and get sale of click bank affiliate product

so right, as our second tweet we have somebody right away that is very, very passionate about solving the problem. So now we just go to the click bank marketplace, find a product on smoking which there is definitely to be one on here. And we gonna find one that we like. Click bank has quit smoking products.

how to get right product from click bank at right time

After choosing product, click on promote button. Get your click bank link then go to bitly okay. create shorten link. Right now again We have our affiliate link with Bitly is ready. this time we are going with different product as quit smoking on twitter. Reply to this guy and say.

The smoking addiction is hard to break, here’s what worked for me and then I have my link that’s it.

how to convince users on twitter to buy products and get comission

Now not only he gonna see this but all of his followers are gonna see this as well, right now this is pretty powerful. If you do this for a good you know like an hour per day or whatever. you can get a good sales that way and it can be well worth your time, especially if you’re looking for some quick start of cash, but if you want to do this work doesn’t involve your time, because you know that I’m a huge, huge applicator of getting time taken out of your business.

you gonna actually outsource these things, what you can do to make this really easy is you can go to website like that we can outsource this work to other people. So a great example of that is a website called

how to spread your clickbank product link online

This ph for the domain extension here is because this site is based in the Philippines. so this is where you hire Philippine workers, that in a lot of cases because there were very well educated in the Philippines. They have good English-speaking ability in a lot of cases they are good.

They can speak and write fluently in English, but because the economy. There is not as expensive basically they have a cheaper prices for goods and services. people work for a lot smaller prices. So you can just post a job here, where you just say data entry looking for fluent English speakers very simple. We have a description of charge five dollars per hour.

how to post a job on

Can you imagine how many twitter replies you could get a Pilipino worker to write in an hour. You are talking about dozens upon dozens of these replies. And you only need to make one sale every few hours to make back up five dollars, so this is a huge opportunity right.

Now if you want to make this as easy as possible, because you gonna get new workers you want them to have a simple job, they don’t need to struggle and waste time figuring out how they’re going to do things.

The best thing you can do. First of all, is send them to a video which is at the end of this article. or you can send them this article also. but video will explain exactly what you’re looking for them to do right. Quotations minus HTTP://.

This article and video will explains it all. In addition to that is very, very useful if you give them a template to just copy and paste from that takes the whole guesswork out that takes the majority of the time workout so that they can be as efficient as possible and your money can be spent as well as possible.

So what I would do if I were you is I would create a Word document where you just talk about what your topic is, so you know what they have to talk about.

how to spread clickbank affiliate link effectively worldwide in single click

You give them the link to the product that you want to promote as your solution to that problem to that topic and then you just give them the keywords that they can copy and paste, so I put this minus HTTP:// after every keyword. So that I’m hiring somebody to do this for me. All they have to do is selected copy it and then put into this at the twitter search bar. Come back copy the affiliate link and then come up with replies for each keyword on the list. So if you like my article just comment below, like or share. its up to you!

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