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Posted by on Feb 4, 2018 in trending news | 0 comments

$ 1 million of ethereum was stolen from Bee token ICO

$ 1 million of ethereum was stolen from Bee token ICO

As the crypto money market expands, there are frequent fraud -related incidents. One of these events is the fake sites targeting the Bee Token ICO . ICOs are often reported as very risky investments because of such attacks or unsuccessful and unsustainable ventures.

Bee token aims to create a new rental system by linking the housing rental ecosystem with intelligent contracts to the ethereum block chain. The initiative ICO, which is seen as a bright future by investors, has great interest and it succeeds in attracting fraudsters who are trying to knock out inexperienced investors with fake sites. Fake Bee Tokens ICO sites collect a total of $ 1 million worth of ethereal .

1 million dollar stolen from bee token

Bee Token Fake sites that synchronized with the announcement of the ICO have also verified Bee Token official twitter and medium accounts. Although Bee Token CEO Jonathan Chou made a statement that the information of our investors is not in any way at all, the company was attacked by hackers and stolen e-mail addresses of investors and fraudsters who reached the investors through these addresses have made money deposits.

Investors have begun to share cases about fraudulent sites from social media accounts . Bee Token will not share any of the ethereal addresses or user information via email route or telegram in any way, that there are no applications like 100% bonus in any way, that 0.3 ETH surcharge will not be accepted in the first 24 hours of ICO, partnership and the like, and warned investors to be careful. He wanted investors to report on this issue when they meet with unofficial web sites.

Bee Token is not the only target of those who try to gain unfair advantage. There are also fake accounts on Twitter that mimic names like Litecoin (LTC) creator Charlie Lee, Ethereum (ETH) founder Vitalik Buterin and Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun.

Just as almost all of the fake Twitter accounts are managed by one person, they always apply the same method; a certain adrese claims that they send crypto money in low quantities and send hundreds of crypto money in return. The original owners of the accounts want their followers to report if they encounter such fake accounts.

The Bee Token Official !
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